The way we currently create,  produce and consume our clothes is a disaster both for the planet and the people. It is wasteful of resources, pollutes soil and water and contributes to exploiting a workforce whose basic rights are not respected and who is exposed to many risks.
As fashion designers, we are responsible for what we create and what is put on the market.
Because I care about fashion and the wellbeing of our planet and its inhabitants, I made it my mission to help transform my industry into a proactive player in sustainability, I want to show current and future generations that it is possible to design and produce in an authentic, innovative and sustainable way.


First of all, by creating – developing – rethinking fashion products according to the principles of circular design.
Then by helping you to rethink your product and business model strategies through the lense of circular economy.
Along the way, I will offer tailor-made support and I will guide you towards a successful and easy-to-implement transition towards sustainability


Authenticity • Innovation • Sustainability